Inquiry Committee established in regard to the Honourable Robin Camp

Ottawa, 22 March 2016 – The Canadian Judicial Council announced today the composition of the Inquiry Committee established to review the conduct of the Honourable Robin Camp, a judge of the Federal Court. This inquiry is being held at the request of the Attorney General of Alberta.

The Inquiry Committee is comprised of three members of Council and two senior lawyers appointed by the Minister of Justice. Members are: the Honourable Austin F. Cullen, Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia (Chairperson); the Honourable Deborah K. Smith, Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia; the Honourable Raymond P. Whalen, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Trial Division; Ms Karen Jensen, of the firm Norton Rose Fullbright; Ms Cynthia Petersen, of the firm Goldblatt Partners.

Under the Judges Act, the Inquiry Committee is deemed a Superior Court. The Committee will decide when it will convene to hear this matter. Inquiry Committee hearings are normally held in public. The judge will be provided with a full opportunity to make representations to the Committee.

The mandate of the Inquiry Committee is to review all the issues and submit a report to the Canadian Judicial Council, which will then make a recommendation to the Minister on whether or not the judge should be removed from office. Information about the Council, including the process for inquiries, can be found on the Council’s website at

Norman Sabourin
Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
(613) 288-1566 ext 313