Update in the case of an Inquiry regarding Mr Justice Paul Cosgrove

OTTAWA, 27 JANUARY 2005 – The Canadian Judicial Council has been advised by counsel representing Mr Justice Paul Cosgrove that he is seeking a judicial review of a decision made in the course of the Inquiry being held about his conduct.


Further to a challenge by Mr Justice Cosgrove, the Inquiry Committee that is investigating his conduct found on 16 December 2004 that the Inquiry process does not offend the principle of judicial independence, and that section 2(b) of  the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has no application in the circumstances of the case.  This decision of the Inquiry Committee is now being challenged.


The application for judicial review by Mr Justice Cosgrove has been filed with the Federal Court of Canada.  A copy of this application, as well as other information regarding this Inquiry, is available on the Council’s website. 


The Canadian Judicial Council is composed of the chief justices and associate chief justices of Canada’s superior courts.  The Council’s web site address is: http://www.cjc-ccm.gc.ca. 


Contact: Norman Sabourin, Executive Director and General Counsel, 613-949-2246