Superior Court Judges

The Canadian Judicial Council has authority over federally appointed judges. The procedure for making a complaint about a federally appointed judge is described in this website. See Expected Conduct of Judges.

Provincial and Territorial Court Judges

Individual provincial and territorial judicial councils have responsibility for provincially appointed judges inprovincial courts.

These links take you to the websites of provincial judicial councils in Canada.

No website available at this time for the Alberta Judicial Council.
Please contact:
Alberta Judicial Council
Provincial Court of Alberta
Law Courts
6th Floor,
1-A Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0R2
Tel: (780) 427-6330

The Canadian Judicial Council has no role in the appointment of judges. Individuals who wish to be considered for appointment to a superior court or the Tax Court of Canada can obtain a Personal History Form from the Judicial Appointments Secretariat in the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs (phone (613) 992-9400; fax (613) 941-0607).

Individuals who wish to be considered for appointment to a provincial or territorial court should contact the office of the relevant provincial/territorial Minister of Justice for information.