About the Council

The Canadian Judicial Council is a federal body created under the Judges Act with the mandate to promote efficiency, uniformity, and accountability, and to improve the quality of judicial service in the superior courts of Canada.



Judicial Education

Please visit Council’s new Judicial Education Website to learn about Canada’s extensive program for professional development for judges.

Council has also published Professional Development Policies and Guidelines which set out what is expected of judges.




Access to Justice

At their recent April 2017 meeting, the Council passed for following unanimous motion:

" THAT the Canadian Judicial Council supports the aspirational goal of the public having 100% access to the knowledge, resources, skills and services needed to effectively deal with their civil, family and criminal legal problems. As part of its commitment to promote meaningful access to justice for all, the Council urges all federally appointed judges in Canada to demonstrate leadership and work with all Canadian citizens and justice system stakeholders to achieve that goal."

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