Girouard Inquiry

Inquiry Committee regarding the Honourable Michel Girouard

Information regarding the Inquiry Committee and related procedures

2018-11-23 Appellant's Memorandum of Fact and Law
2018-09-07 Notice of Appeal of a decision of the Federal Court
2018-08-29 Federal Court Order and Reasons
2018-08-29 Federal Court Order
2018-02-20 Report to Minister
2018-02-20 Dissent
2017-12-05 Submission of Justice M. Girouard
2017-12-05 Book of sources Volume 1 (French only)
2017-11-16 Letter to counsel for the judge
2017-11-09 Letter from counsel – request for an extension
2017-11-06 Report of the Inquiry Committee to the Canadian Judicial Council
2017-07-10 Transcript 10 July
2017-06-23 Additional submission of Justice Girouard (French only)
2017-06-23 Response to submissions (French only)
2017-06-09 Representations of Counsel for the Inquiry Committee
2017-06-08 Submission of Justice Girouard (French only)
2017-05-19 Transcript 19 May
2017-05-18 Transcript 18 May
2017-05-17 Transcript 17 May
2017-05-17 Amended Notice of Allegations
2017-05-16 Transcript 16 May
2017-05-12 Transcript 12 May
2017-05-10 Transcript 10 May
2017-05-09 Transcript 9 May
2017-05-08 Transcript 8 May
2017-05-04 Federal Court reasons for dismissing application for stay of proceedings
2017-04-27 Federal Court Order (French only)
2017-04-25 Application for Stay of Proceedings (French only)
2017-04-04 Decision of the Committee on preliminary motions
2017-04-03 Request For Clarification Regarding The Notice of Allegations (French only)
2017-03-27 Federal Court Decision (French only)
2017-03-16 Letter to the Federal Court from counsel for the judge (French only)
2017-03-17Guidelines For Lawyers
2017-03-13Amended Notice of Allegations
2017-02-22Final Version Request For Disclosure of Documents 22 Feb (French only)
2017-02-17 Inquiry Committee Counsel's Brief (French only)
2017-01-26Motion of motion to dismiss (French only)
2017-01-17Motion to strike allegations
2017-02-06 Amended order by the Inquiry Committee regarding hearing dates, location and time (French only)
2017-01-31Order by the Inquiry Committee regarding hearing dates, location and time (French only)
2017-02-01Letter - Notice of constitutional questions - Inquiry in regards to the Honorable Michel Girouard (CCM-16-0179) (French only)
2017-01-31 Decision of Chief Justice Drapeau in Response to Motion to Disqualify
2017-01-31 Decision of Chief Justice Joyal in response to the motion for recusal on non-institutional reasons
2017-01-26 Order on the publication of the Motion to reject Notices of Allegations (French only)
2017-01-17 Order on the publication of the Motion to strike out allegations (French only)
2017-01-27 T-1106-16 - Federal Court Order (French only)
2017-01-26 Notice of constitutional questions (French only)
2017-01-26 Memorandum by the Honorable Michel Girouard on preliminary matters (French only)
2017-01-26 Request for recusal of Inquiry Committee members (French only)
2017-01-26Application for Judicial Review (French only)
2017-01-16Notice of Allegations
2017-01-13Preliminary motions (French only)
2016-06-21Response to letter from Judge's counsel
2016-06-21Letter to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
2016-06-21Acknowledgment of receipt (Ministers) (French only)
2016-06-15Letter from counsel for the judge
2016-06-14Joint letter from Ministers