Déziel Inquiry

Inquiry Committee regarding the Honourable Michel Déziel

Information regarding the Inquiry Committee and related procedures

2015-12-02Report of the Canadian Judicial Council to the Minister of Justice
2015-06-03Report of the Inquiry Committee to the Canadian Judicial Council
2015-03-10 Independent lawyer's request for severing of inquiry (French only)
2015-02-27C-5 - Joint Procedure File (French only)
2015-02-23C-4 - Letter from Me Gauthier to Me Zaor (French only)
2015-02-23 C-3 - Letter to Me Zaor from Me Gagné (French only)
2015-02-19C-2 - Letter to Me Gagné from Me Zaor (French only)
2015-02-09C-1 - Letter to Me Zaor by Martin Cossette, Lieutenant (French only)
2015-01-26Notice of Allegations