Camp Inquiry

Inquiry Committee regarding the Honourable Robin Camp

Information regarding the Inquiry Committee and related procedures

2017-03-08 Report to Minister
2017-03-08 Reasons for voting against motion
2017-02-23 Supplementary Submissions of Justice Camp
2017-02-08 Letter to Mr Addario - Council Decision regarding a Request for Oral Hearing
2017-02-08 Letter to Mr Addario - Dissenting reasons of certain members regarding a Request for Oral Hearing
2017-02-08 Letter to judge's counsel - Request For Submissions
2017-01-06Justice Camp's response to the Inquiry Committee report
2016-12-19CJC decision regarding a request to make oral representations
2016-11-29Inquiry Committee Report
2016-09-12Inquiry Transcripts
2016-09-12 Closing Submissions of Justice Camp
2016-09-06Opening Submissions of Justice Camp
2016-09-07 Exhibit # 5 - Justice Deborah McCawley - Reading list
2016-09-08 Exhibit # 8 - Professor B. Cossman - Reading list
2016-09-08 Exhibit #9 - Dr. Lori Haskell - Reading list
2016-09-09 Exhibit # 10 - Letter from Justice Camp
2016-09-09 Exhibit # 11 - Letter to CJ Crampton
2016-09-09 Exhibit # 12 - Syllabus
2016-09-12 Exhibit # 13 - New Judges Training Program
2016-09-09 Ethical Principles for Judges
2016-09-08Exhibts - Agreed Statement of Facts
2016-09-08Agreed Statement of Facts
2016-09-06 Redacted Statement given at Calgary on the 22nd day of August, 2016 in the presence of Penny Ferguson, Crisis Support Coordinator with Calgary Police Victime Assistance
2016-09-06Pre-Hearing Submissions of Presenting Counsel
2016-09-01Notice of Motion Regarding Publication Ban
2016-08-26Submission of the Intervener Coalition
2016-08-26Submission WAVAW and BSCC
2016-07-26Reasons for Order related to Interveners
2016-07-14Notice of Allegations (technical amendment)
2016-07-08Order Interveners
2016-07-04Notice of Response
2016-06-11Directions from inquiry committee
2016-05-04Directions to Potential Interveners
2016-05-02Notice of Allegations
2016-04-22Directions to Counsel
2014-06-05 Redacted transcript of Trial (R.V. WAGAR)