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Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee makes recommendations on what priorities Council should focus on while overseeing the business affairs of Council. This Committee may address issues relating to staffing or operational requirement , while directing or approving the creation of sub, standing or special committees of Council to undertake various activities.

Judicial Conduct

Ensuring that the review of complaints is conducted in a manner that is fair to the judges subject to the complaints, sensitive to the complainants, respectful of judicial independence and credible to both the judiciary and to the public is the key purview of Council's Judicial Conduct Committee. In its effort to manage an effective complaints process, the Committee may from time to time amend Council's by-laws, procedures and policies to further improve on the process.

Judicial Education

Canadians expect a judiciary that continually refreshes its knowledge base, particularly with respect to social context issues. The Judicial Education Committee provides advice and leadership to ensure that federally appointed judges have access to high quality, effective, ongoing judicial education and professional development and may recommend which courses, seminars and conferences would be beneficial for the judicial community.


Makes recommendations with respect to nominations to various Council committees taking into account regional and jurisdictional representation.

Public Information

Ensuring that Canadians have timely access to information about the work of Council is an priority of the Public Information Committee. Fostering a constructive and informed relationship between the media and the judiciary is another. By undertaking targeted outreach and public education activities, this Committee aims to encourage a better understanding of judges and the justice system in Canada.

Study Leave

Makes recommendations with respect to the Study Leave Program of Council and the Council of Canadian Law Deans.